Extras/Supplementary (appendix) material information for Springer Nature books

Some of the Extras and Supplementary (appendix) resources to Springer Nature's scientific, technical and medical publications including tables, graphics, images, software and other materials were made available online for download.

Please first check our product page for the title in our SpringerLink webshop and read the ‘About this book’ section. The ‘About this book’ section will indicate if materials are actually available within the book itself, or contain links for how to access those materials. If extra/supplementary (appendix) materials are available within the book itself, they usually appear in the 'back matter' section.


Extra Materials Archive

Contents of CD-ROMs or DVDs have been made accessible on: http://extras.springer.com/.

Please enter the ISBN of the title into the search field and click on Search. You can now download the files that are offered for the title. 

Supplementary (Appendix) Material

You may see: Includes supplementary material: sn.pub/extras listed under the description section on product pages for some books. If you don’t see this text, click on ‘show all’. There’s a possibility it is beneath the ‘show all’ section within the description. ISBN 978-3-658-03493-1 is an example of a German language text where the text appears under ‘show all’:

After clicking on ‘show all’, Includes supplementary material: sn.pub/extras may appear:

If that text appears, it means the supplementary materials were made available on this link: https://extras.springer.com/. 

Some titles offer the extra material on SpringerLink. If you go to the corresponding book on SpringerLink and then click on a chapter, you will see the note "Supplementary material" on the right. Here you can click on it and view / download the files. i.e.:

Lecturer Material

Only available for lecturers: Instructor materials are now available at http://sn.pub/lecturer-material.

Please search with the key combination Ctrl+F for the book title or the e-book ISBN. You will find a form further down the page. When you fill out the form, we will check your registration and then activate the material for you.

If you are unable to locate the supplementary (appendix) resources, please send an email to customerservice@springernature.com with the ISBN / title / author information so we can find out if the materials may be available elsewhere.

Note: We do not offer instructor materials for Apress books. However, if you need to access source code for Apress books, visit this link 

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