Some Open Access journals are not labeled as Open Access

The Open Access indicator at the journal level on SpringerLink, unlike at the article level, is not available in the meta-data and therefore not directly updated. A list of Open Access journals is maintained and periodically updated. Newer OA journals may therefore not show the OA labelling at the journal level straight away.

There are also some cases where subscription based journals have (by arrangement) allowed free access to some of their content. For example: there are 6 Journals published in partnership with the Psychonomic Society with open access content. As part of the arrangement all content older than 12 months is freely accessible in SpringerLink. The content is not labelled open access even though it is freely available. A subscription is needed to access the current year's content.

The Psychonomic Society Journals are:

  • 13423 Psychonomic Bulletin & Review
  • 13414 Attention Perception & Psychophysics
  • 13428 Behavior Research Methods
  • 13415 Cognitive Affective & Behaviorial Neuroscience 
  • 13420 Learning & Behavior
  • 13421 Memory & Cognition

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