Where to find the DOI to order my free eBook examination copy

What is a DOI

The DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is a unique number that identifies a book or chapter. The DOI number is necessary to order a free lecturer examination copy (eBook).

Where the DOI number can easily be found

The DOI number for each Springer Nature book is available on the product page of the book at SpringerLink

  1. Please visit our website SpringerLink.
  2. Please search via the search field for the book either by title of the book or ISBN (including all dashes).

  3. If you are unsure of the exact name, you can also use the advanced search
  4. Please select the right book from the search results by clicking on it
  5. Select the tab "about this book" and scroll to the bottom of the page

6.  You will now be able to find the DOI Number at the Bibliographic information in its correct format

7. Simply copy/paste the number into the eBook request form

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