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MyCopy is a special service Springer Nature offers libraries to make it easier for students and library users to work with the printed edition. The design and color of a MyCopy book cover corresponds with Springer Nature’s regular print books and eBooks.

Only Springer titles that are accessible as an eBook on SpringerLink will be available in MyCopy format. All POD (Print on Demand) suitable eBooks starting with the copyright year 2005 and with a page number less than 832 will be included in the MyCopy offering. German, Dutch, and French language titles are currently excluded. In total, there are almost 14,000 MyCopy books.

Unlike Springer Nature’s conventional print books, MyCopy books are always softcover books. The inner work of a MyCopy book is black and white. Hence, all colored parts and illustrations in the interior of regular Springer Nature books and eBooks are monochrome in the MyCopy book. The front matter of a MyCopy book will indicate they:

  • are for individual use only.
  • can be cited with the DOI of the corresponding eBook.
  • are offered to the library patron on cooperation with their library and that the book is made available to them, because the library bought at least one Springer Nature eBook package.

MyCopy allows library patrons to directly order their own personal soft cover edition of Springer eBooks included in their library's eBook package. 

MyCopy books are in general more low priced then the hardcover or softcover edition. The exact pricing depends on the publishing method (Regularly or OpenAccess).

Regularly published MyCopies
OpenAccess published Mycopies
39,99 USD/EUR/GBP; 4,999 in JPY39,99 USD/EUR/GBP; 4,999 in JPY

Webpage displaying "Autism: Current Theories and Evidence" book with pricing and purchase options, including Buy MyCopy.MyCopy books are personal copies, and they are not available for resale.

If a MyCopy version of the Springer eBook exists; you will see the "Buy" button appear on SpringerLink:

If you would like to place an order for the MyCopy version, click on "Buy". You will be directed to the Springerlink purchasing page to place your order.

Please visit our Springer Nature Librarian Products page and Springer’s MyCopy eBook Service for additional information about MyCopy books.

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