Enter association code to activate Society access

An association code (formerly known as tokens) is a long code incorporating symbols as well as alphanumeric characters. Because of its complexity we recommend to always copy and paste codes and not attempt to type them.

Before being able to activate your code you first need a SpringerLink account.

1. Go to SpringerLink and log into your account.

A screenshot of SpringerLink login header

2. Once logged in you will see your registered name/account name displayed top-right-hand-side

3. The association code field can be found in your profile under Account / “Manage account”  / Linked institutions:

Field where to enter your access code

You will then be connected to your organization's account and you will have access to the content subscribed for by your organization.


 If you see the message: The code you have supplied does not appear to be valid. Please check and try again.

  • Please check that you have carefully copied and pasted the entire code including any leading symbols.
  • All our codes are valid for one activation only. If the association code has already been activated then the code will no longer be valid. If your association code does not appear to be valid please contact the society that provided you with the code or you can contact us at societies-online@springer.com.

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