SpringerLink and Springer for R&D platforms

SpringerLink  is the main content platform for Springer.com, Palgrave.com, and Apress.com which provides access to 9 million research documents. SpringerLink aims to become the primary resource destination for all academic researchers and students.

Springer for Corporate & Health is essentially the same platform as SpringerLink with access to exactly the same content, but the layout and organisation has been optimized for corporate & health markets. Springer for Corporate and Health aims to become the primary resource destination for all corporate and medical customers.

You can easily switch between the two platform formats at anytime by selecting the drop-down menu option in the top-right side of the page:

SpringerLink for Corporate and Health webpage. Use drop down menu at top right of page to switch from Corporate to Academic version.

Note: All content can be viewed in PDF format, and a significant portion of our newer content is also available in full-text HTML format.

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