Associate users / set up remote access via a login account

Step 1: Sending an association email to the user you want to associate:

Log into Springer Nature Librarian Portal

Go to the second tab ‘Access’ and scroll down to Associated Users.

Enter an email address and an end date: click ‘Invite users’.

An email with an association link will be sent to the email address(es) you entered.



Step 2: Receiving an association email (sent in step 1).


Click on the association link in the email and do one of the following:

If you are already logged in to your Springer Link account: Your account will be automatically associated – no need to do anything further. 

If you are not currently logged in: You will be prompted to either log in or create a new account:

If you have an existing account: simply log in and you will then be automatically associated, as above.

If you do not have an account: Simply sign up for one, once completed it will automatically be associated.

Once a new user has been associated they will (upon logging into their account) be able to access all of your organizations subscribed content.


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