Payment options

You can pay with MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or PayPal. Printed books can also be paid by invoice/advance payment in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia/Oceania. Pre-publication and back orders can be ordered using the invoice/advance payment option only and is limited to customers in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia/Oceania. After entering your payment details, the order will be created.

The currency in which your order is billed depends on the invoice address:

  • Customers from North and Latin America will be billed in US Dollars (USD).
  • Customers from Great Britain are billed in Pounds Sterling (GBP).
  • Customers from Switzerland in Swiss Francs (CHF).
  • Customers from Europe, Africa, Asia/Pacific will be billed in Euros (EUR).

If you pay with a credit card or PayPal and your local currency is not one of those listed above, the amount will be converted by your bank or credit card issuer automatically.

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